Kidney Transplant in India – How you Prepare

Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplant is indicated on End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), when kidney function remains only a fraction of the normal kidney functioning. Transplanted kidney may either be from a deceased donor or a living donor. Living donor transplants are on the rise these days, as only one donor kidney is required to replace a damaged kidney.

Pictures showing kidney transplantation

Kidney transplant in India or kidney transplantation in India is a fairly developed surgery and is carried out at most sophisticated hospitals in India that equal their counterparts in UK and US. Preparing for a kidney transplant operation and having the same in India will require some preparations. Following list will help you plan it efficiently –

Finding a donor

Guidelines in India will require you to find a donor who is a Near Relative, Mother, Father, Daughter, Sister, or Brother. Donor should be a good match, where blood and tissue types match the recipient’s, apart from not having any other condition which may hinder in transplant surgery. Organ donations from unrelated people are not allowed in India.

Choosing a Hospital in India

When your doctor has recommended a kidney transplant, you will need to choose a good kidney transplant hospital that has handled different types of kidney transplants, has a good donor and recipient survival rates and look for any more additional services that it will provide.

Choosing a good hospital with above criterion will require a good amount of research, but that again will be limited by whatever information is widely available on the internet. Alternatively, you may also choose to benefit from the experience, research and local knowledge of a trusted medical travel partner, who can provide you with good options of best hospitals in India on the basis of your budget or any other requirements.

Once you have selected a kidney transplant hospital, you will be assessed for being an eligible candidate – you must be healthy and be able to tolerate lifelong medication and you must not have a condition that may possibly interfere with the transplant surgery.

Guidelines for Kidney Transplant in India

You will need to fulfill following requirements while doing kidney transplantation in India:

a. Patient will need to be accompanied physically by 1) Donor and 2) Donor’s close relative. In case donor is unmarried, presence of one parent and in case donor is married, presence of spouse is necessary

b. You must keep documentary evidence for establishing relationship between donor and recipient. Birth Certificate, Photo Identity, or Passport will serve the purpose.

c. You will need to bring passport size photographs – 10 each for recipient and donor, and 2 for donor’s close relative

d. You will be required to execute an affidavit, declaration certificate and seek an NOC (No objection certificate) from respective Embassy / High Commission of India

e. Valid Visas for patient, donor and donor’s close relative will be required

Staying Healthy

Keeping one healthy while searching for a donor is very essential to make one ready for transplant when time comes. Patient must keep taking medicines, exercise and diet as prescribed by the doctor. Stay in regular touch with your doctor and if you experience any significant changes in your health, let know about it to your doctor.

What you can expect from Kidney Transplant

During the surgery, patient will be given general anaesthesia and the surgeon will make an incision to place new kidney in lower abdomen and make connections for this donor kidney. The surgery usually takes around 3-4 hours.

Patient will be kept under observation in the hospital for several days to a week, wherein frequent checks and examinations will be carried out to see that the patient is recovering and has accepted the donated kidney well. Post successful completion of the transplant, patient will be required to take medication the rest of life.

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