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Brain Tumour Treatment in India

Brain Tumour Surgery in India

For years, brain tumour had been considered a dreaded disease because the chances of recovery and patient living a healthy life after the treatment were low. But with the research in the medical science and advancement in technology, brain tumour is very much curable now with precision surgery. Patients with brain tumour all across the globe can now get their tumour completely out, and live a a healthy life after the brain tumour surgery.

With a path breaking research and highly advanced medical technology, India has become the center of worldwide cancer treatment. Patients from many different countries visit India in the hope of removal of their tumour, with costs many times lower than US or UK. Not just the cost of surgery and other medical expenses is less, the rehabilitation and stay is equally cost effective. The surgeons are among the best neurosurgeons in the world for brain tumour, the hospitals among the best hospital in India for brain tumor treatment. IndiCure helps its clients to get back to life with no stress.

Minimally Invasive Brain Tumour Surgery in India

Minimally Invasive Brain Tumour Surgery in India

Brain tumour surgery in India is now through minimally invasive techniques instead of opening the skull and removing the tumour. Minimally Invasive Brain surgery in India not only improves the success rate, the recovery of the patient is very fast and is much safe as compared to the open surgery.

Many advanced minimally invasive techniques for brain surgeries are now available at best brain surgery hospitals in India, few important of which are enumerated below:

Advanced Techniques for Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery in India

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Intra Operative MR Navigation Microsurgery

Intra Operative MR Navigation Microsurgery is the most advanced Neuro-Surgical Operating Room with high field MR. The system has been instrumental in very high success rate of brain surgeries. It allows the neurosurgeon to conduct an MRI on the patient in the surgery room itself. If there is a tumour or mass which was hidden from the human eye, it can be detected by special MRI scan and can be targeted using neuro navigation (which works on the same principle as the GPS system).

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Trans-Nasal - Endoscopic Removal of brain tumor through the nose

This is another minimally invasive technique for the removal of brain tumours. The tumour in this technique is removed through nostrils.

A natural passage way exists at the backend of the nose leading into the sphenoid sinus( an air filled cavity in the depths of the skull), which can be enlarged so that the endoscope so that the endoscope and instruments can pass into this air filled cavity.

From this region the sella turcica is easily accessed, which is the location of pituitary gland. Neurosurgeons use this route normally to remove the tumor from pituitary ( the master gland)

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Sterotactic Radiosurgery: Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife is one of the most advanced techniques used for treatment of Brain tumours/ cancers. The technique is also widely used for treatment of Arterio-venous malformations in brain & other dysfunctions like trigeminal neuralgia.

Gamma knife is a radio surgery technique i.e it uses radiation to treat the portion of the brain which is infected with the disease. The best part is that the radiation is targeted in such a way that it does not harm the surrounding healthy brain tissue. Only the diseased brain cells are targeted and destroyed. It is a non-invasive and non surgical procedure, so the risks associated with the open brain surgery are also not there.

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Tumor Embolization using Neuro Interventional Radiology

Neurointerventional radiology is an advanced speciality which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of spine, head and neck. The technology provides imaging and simultaneously minimally invasive treatment of conditions such as aneurysm or stroke, which required a major surgery previously.

Brain Tumor embolization is used to close off the vessels supplying blood to a tumor, especially when the tumor is difficult or impossible to remove. When the blood supply to the tumour gets cut off completely, the tumour shrinks in size and becomes harmless.

The neuro-interventional radiologist uses x-ray imaging and a contrast material to visualize the blood vessel. He or she inserts a catheter (through a nick in the skin) into the blood vessel and advances it to the treatment site. A medical material made up of tiny particles (called an embolic agent) is inserted through the catheter and directed to the tumor. The embolic agent will block the blood vessels that supply blood to the tumor. Following embolization, the tumor is likely shrink or grow more slowly than before.

Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India

Approximate Cost of Brain tumour surgery in India at Best brain surgery hospitals in India range from 6000 to 8000 US Dollars.

The cost depends on the treatment, surgeon, facility and city where you choose to get the procedure done.

The cost is inclusive of stay in a private room with free stay for a companion, surgery, medicines and consumables, food and beverages and airport transfers.

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