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Image Guided Radiotherapy Treatment in India (IGRT)

It is a revolutionary new procedure used for the treatment of cancer, by using on board kilo-voltage cone beam CT scan for precise positioning of tumours. The technique is much better and precise than other procedures which use imaging techniques such as ultrasonogram and electronic portal imaging.

The Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT) involves taking the image of the tumor while the radiation is administered to the patient allowing the doctor to take real time images and thus target the radiation only at the tumor, thereby killing only the cancerous cells and not harming the adjacent healthy cells.

Image Guided Radiotherapy Treatment in India (IGRT)

Who can Undergo Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT)

Breast Cancer :

Breast cancer is usually diagnosed in early stages and in many cases of breast cancer, the breast can be preserved. In preservation of the breast, the cosmesis should be maintained. The radiotherapy of the breast involves the irradiation of the whole breast and higher dose to the tumour bed. But at the same time the lung and the heart are also irradiated.

Since these patients are going to be the long term survivors, the late toxicities of radiation need to be minimised. Lungs and heart being mobile organs, Image Guided Radio-Therapy ( IGRT) can be solution to overcome their mobility.

Prostate Cancer :

Prostrate Cancer can be treated very well with high dose of radiation. Since prostrate is surrounded by two critical organs, the rectum and the urinary bladder, radiation becomes a critical issue. Also, position of the prostrate varies with the bladder filling and to an extent, distension of the rectum. With Image Guided Radio-Therapy ( IGRT), these volumes can be reduced, so that a higher dose of radiation is delivered to the tumour and minimising the dose to bladder and rectum.

Brain tumors :

The brain is enclosed in the compact cranial cavity and brain does not move on its own within this cavity, but the irradiation volumes are very prone for set-up errors and this is very risky. The movements of neck and chin can alter the position of targets within the cranial sphere to a large extent. The margins of the treatment volumes are kept very tight to save the normal brain and other critical structures and the gradient between the high dose and low dose at the periphery of tumour volume is very sharp. These errors can be minimised with Image Guided Radio-Therapy ( IGRT).

Lung Cancer :

Statistics say that more 60% of the times, lung cancer is detected in advanced stages, when the in which radiotherapy and chemotherapy is the standard of care. To achieve the outcome of radiation therapy with minimal side- effects, it is imperative to administer a radical dose of radiation to the tumor. Since lungs move with respiration, higher volume of radiation is given so as to not miss out the tumor, thus irradiating the normal lung. Image Guided Radio-Therapy ( IGRT) is advantageous in such cases to save the healthy tissues in the lung.

Advantages of Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT)

Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT)
  • Image Guided Radio-Therapy (IGRT) can administer radiation on the exact location of different types of tumours including breast, brain, neck, lungs, prostrate, liver, pancreas etc.
  • The oncologist can see the real time images of the radiation being administered to the tumor and thus the treatment is quite accurate.
  • Minimal side effects since radiation to surrounding healthy tissues is minimal.
  • Very low probability of human error as the exact amount of the radiation dose can be given to the exact location of the tumor.

Cost for Radiotherapy treatment in India

Radiotherapy cost in India at the best hospitals is approximately 9000 US dollars.

Best Hospital for Radiotherapy in India

  • Indian doctors are known all over the world for their skill and knowledge and have the experience of studying and working at the best cancer hospitals in the world.
  • Cancer Hospitals in India are now equipped with the latest and high end technology like Gamma Knife, PET Scan, IMRT and IGRT, Brain Suite, CyberKnife that help in quick diagnosis and recovery.
  • Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are English speaking, and thus no language barrier. Translators are available, if you cannot speak or understand English.
  • Hospitals in India are designed to provide complete patient care and care for the attendants- coffee lounges, money changers, travel desks, wi-fi zones etc.
  • Best Medicines and drugs for Cancer treatment are produced in India and exported all over the world. The cost of thus best medicines and drugs for cancer treatment in India is thus much less.
  • Cost of cancer treatment at best cancer hospitals in India is very low as compared to cancer treatment at best hospitals in America or UK with the same level of care and services.

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