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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer Treatment - What is it and how does it work?

Da Vinci Robotic System is a technological marvel for prostate cancer patients as it completely eradicates the prostate cancer with minimal side effects. Da Vinci is a highly advanced and sophisticated master-slave robot that incorporates 3-D high definition visualization, scaling of movement, and wristed instrumentation.

Surgeon seating on a computer console controls the robotic arms with hair-thin precision, with the aid of a magnified three-dimensional HD view of the operating field. Thus the surgery is carried out without a direct contact between the surgeon and the patient. The wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand. With a steady mind and hands, the cancer is eradicated without causing any damage to the adjacent good cells. The advanced computer console provides details about every critical parameter while the surgery is being performed.

The surgery involves very little invasion, and hence the recovery is fast and painless. The Da Vinci System has been used in minimally invasive surgery to more than 3 million patients worldwide successfully.

This advanced computer technology seamlessly translates the surgeon's movements at the computer console into precise, real-time movements of the surgical instruments inside the patient. While the surgeon's hands and fingers direct the surgery, the movements are translated by the computer to precise movement of the microsurgical instruments on the robotic arms inside the patient's body.

Robotic surgery for prostate cancer

Conventional Prostate Surgery and Da Vinci Robotic surgery for prostate cancer- A Comparison

Conventional approach is based on the surgeon's visual capability to identify cancer cells and then to eradicate the damaged portion with surgical instruments. While the microscoptic vision does help to enhance the view, the minuscule adjacent nerves may get damaged during the process. There is also a possibility that some of cancer cells may get left behind. However, the Advanced Robotic Technique (ART) helps surgeons achieve a Balancing cancer control.

Neither clinical nor imaging tests are sensitive enough to capture a tumour at T3 stage where it has become locally advanced and is a few steps away from spreading to distant structures.

Advanced Robotic technique gives surgeon a sophisticated master slave robot that incorporates 3-D high definition vision, scaling of movement and wristed instrumentation. Sometimes it is difficult for surgeons to find a precise plane between the cancer and urinary sphincter or the nerves and err on the side of cancer safety leading to incontinence or Impotence. Da vinci robot system minimizes side effects thereby control over urinary and fecal discharge i.e. continence and return to normal sexual function.

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Advantages of Da Vinci Robotic System in treating Prostate Cancer

  • Minimal to No Bleeding
  • Speedy recovery
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Minimal invasion hence lesser requirements of pain killers
  • Lower blood transfusion rates
  • Highest possibility of preservation of physical appearance
  • 3D HD vision enables surgeon to perform Prostate excision with Cancer
  • Control without risk of Post Surgery Continence (control over urinary and fecal discharge) and causing Impotency

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Cancer Treatments are available in India through Da Vinci Robotic System at Best Cancer Hospitals in India.

The da Vinci system has been a path breaker in the field of minimally invasive surgery in Urology . Most operations involve working in the pelvic cavity where the movements are very difficult even with the human wrist. The Robotic arms and endowrists have a greater freedom and seven degree of movement and thus allow precise surgery in these tight locations.

Radical prostatectomy for prostate : the entire prostate is removed and the urinary bladder and is joined to the urethra. The 3D vision helps in accurate surgery and in preserving the nerves so that the post surgery complications like incontinence and impotence are avoided.

Pyeloplasty : During this procedure, obstruction of the pelviureteric junction is removed and renal pelvis is joined back to healthy ureter. The robot helps in suturing and thus improving the overall results of the operation.

Partial Nephrectomy : this operation is done for removal of small renal tumors. This procedure also involves precise cutting and suturing of the kidney in minimal possible time which is greatly helped by the da Vinci system.

Radical Cystectomy with Orthotropic Neobladder Or Ileal Conduit

Pediatric Robotic-Assisted Antireflux Surgery




Pediatric Robotic-Assisted Antireflux Surgery

Ureterolysis In Retroperitoneal Fibrosis

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Cost of Prostate Cancer treatment in India

Approximate cost of Laproscopic Radical Prostatectomy surgery at best hospitals in India is 7000 US dollars

Approximate cost of Robotic prostate cancer surgery at best hospitals in India is 9000 US dollars.

The above estimated costs include stay in a private room at the hospital, where a companion can stay with the patient, nursing care, surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, patient's food and airport pick up etc. Actual cost may vary to some extent depending on the patient's individual medical status.

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