Heart Surgery in India

Heart Surgery in India

Heart Surgery in India

Heart Surgery in India with the best Heart surgeons in India is what medical tourists coming to India look for and is delivered at best cardiac hospitals in India affiliated with IndiCure. No other medical tourism destination in the world matches what the best heart hospitals in India offer in terms of clinical excellence, technology, infrastructure, medical care, skill and experience of the heart surgeons and the cost of heart surgery in India.

Average Cost of Heart Surgery in India

Affordable Heart Surgery in India at Best Cardiac Hospitals with Top Cardiac Surgeons in India with IndiCure

Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for your heart surgery.

We do this by offering you the best mix of heart hospitals and cardiac surgeons in India taking into account the affordability of the heart surgery. We understand how critical and important it is for you to get the best services for heart surgery in India at affordable prices.

The best Heart Hospital in India :

  • Latest technology available in the world which includes Hybrid operating suit- The Suit houses all equipment and monitoring devices necessary to perform percutaneous valve surgeries complex hybrid aortic aneurysm interventions and minimally invasive cardiac operations.
  • Latest and best available techniques throughout the world such as Robotic Heart Surgery, Minimally Invasive Valve & coronary Heart Bypass Surgery, Primary and complex Coronary Angioplasties and Stenting, Percutaneous Valvular interventions including aortic valve replacement.
  • The highly trained team of Electrophysiologists have tremendous experience in doing all kind of radiofrequency ablations, device implantations, electrophysiology studies, and pacemaker and resynchronization therapy.
  • Specialized Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services for quick rehabilitation after cardiac surgery in India.

Heart Surgery Procedures Offered at IndiCure's affiliate Best Cardiac Hospitals in India

Heart Bypass (Cardiac Bypass Surgery)

Heart Bypass or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) is done by implanting a healthy or working blood vessel from any other part of the body to bypass the blocked vessel. The heart surgeons in India are highly experienced to perform a CABG or heart bypass surgery.

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Valve Replacement Surgery

Heart valve repair or valve replacement surgery is surgical repair or minimally invasive procedure that corrects or replaces a heart valve that is not functioning properly. Heart valve repair usually involves the heart valve leaflets that open and close to pump blood through the heart.

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Best Heart Surgeon in India

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

Paediatric cardiac surgeries correct the abnormalities of heart in new borns or infants and children. Paediatric heart problems are mainly present since birth or are congenital. The cardiac surgeons are specially trained to perform heart surgery on infants as it requires special skills

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Robotic Heart Surgery

The da Vinci Si with 3D HD vision is the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available today. It combines superior 3D visualization along with great enhanced dexterity, precision and control in an intuitive, ergonomic interface with breakthrough surgical capabilities.

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Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

Minimially invasive heart bypass surgery or the MIDCAB is a minimally invasive approach to conventional Bypass Surgery, used for the correction of coronary heart disease. It is also referred to as "keyhole" heart surgery

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Pacemaker Implantation

Pacemaker implantation is done in patients with Heart rhythm disorders, which could otherwise lead to heart palpitations to even sudden death. With Electrophysiology and Pacemaker implants, not only these patients can lead a normal life, they can enjoy various activities

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