Hip and knee joint packages

Hip and Knee joint Replacements with NAV system

What is Hip and Knee joint replacement with world’s most advanced computer navigation (NAV) system?

NAV system is an amalgamation of sophisticated computer software and technology to assist the surgeon in Hip and Knee joint replacement. Light emitting diodes attached to patient’s leg links with a computer camera giving digital copy of surgery. The leg movements caught on camera are processed by computer, giving an anatomic “model” of knee. Thus computer processed display shows all key distances and angles for best navigation during surgery.

*Life of Joint is 20-25 years

Advantages of NAV System for Joint Replacements

  •   Proper bone cuts, perfect Implant positioning
  •   Human errors minimisation
  •   Lesser blood loss
  •   Faster recovery & Decreased recupration time
  •   Reduces pricey and radiation intensive CT and MRI scans before surgery
Cost of Hip and knee replacement surgery with indicure

World’s best Joint Replacement Operation Theatres

Operation Theatre of IndiCure Surgery in India
  •   Ultra Clean Laminar Flow Air Technology, and deploy filters made by Johnson & Johnson, leading to an infection rate less than 0.1%, which is comparable or even lower than best hospitals in USA and UK.
  •   Equipped with latest Computer Navigation system (NAV), which only few centres in the world can boast of. This latest technology helps in accurate placement of implant & proper balancing of the ligament. These parameters are of paramount importance for the success of new hip joint and knee joint durability, stability, durability & range of motion.

IndiCure in India offers most advanced technology - NAV system computer assisted knee and hip replacement surgery as the most affordable package with no extra cost.

  • One Knee / Hip Replacement with NAV USD 6500
  • Both Knee / Hip Replacement with NAV USD 11000
knee joint replacements

The cost mentioned above includes -

  •   All medical check-ups and tests,
  •   Private Hospital Fees, Anesthetic, Theatre and Surgery charges
  •   All inclusive treatments eg. bandages, dressing, prescribed medications
  •   US FDA approved implants,
  •   Transportation to and from the airport, and all of your medical appointments
  •   Stay at the hospital for 6 days in a private room of a state of the art hospital
  •   Free stay for an accompanying friend or relative at the hospital for 6 days
  •   Food and beverages for the patient and an accompanying friend or relative

Special complimentary facilities for IndiCure guests at the hospital:

  •   Guest relations officer provides priority facilitation during stay at the hospital
  •   A comprehensive written medical report is provided before discharge
  •   A personal dietician will advise the patient throughout the stay
  •   Free post discharge consultation (if required) after patient's return to his home by email/ telecalling (review of scans or X Rays, telephonic consultation etc.)
Cost package of hip and knee replacement surgery in indicure

E-mail the latest X-ray films & reports of Hip or Knee joint to info@indicure.com for evaluation by best orthopaedic surgeons


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