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Patient Reviews For Treatment Abroad

Mr. Nick Horniman
Procedure: Cervical and Lumbar Spinal decompression surgery

From: Bain Boeuf, Pereybere, Mauritius

My wife and I had a very successful trip. Very interesting short 4 day tour- well organized. The hospitalization and procedures were excellent and the nursing outstanding.

Thank you Shweta!

Ms. Rose Mambo
Procedure: Uterine artery embolization, Abdominoplasty, Breast reduction & Lift

From: Nairobi, Kenya

I appreciate the professionalism, attention to detail and care that I received from Dr Wagh, Ruchika and Shweta at IndiCure. I am very pleased with the treatments and would certainly recommend them to anyone thinking about traveling abroad for medical reasons.

Gregory Jones
Procedure: TLIF Spinal Surgery

From: Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am extremely thankful to IndiCure and their whole team for helping me get relief from the terrible pain that I was suffering from. My spine surgery has been very successful and I am completely pain free now. The surgeon and the nurses were great and very helpful. I would also like to thank Shweta who was extremely cordial and very prompt with her replies. Overall, it was a memorable experience for me.

Mr. Abubakr Mutasim
Procedure: Spinal Tumour surgery

From: Sudan

India is a friend country of my country Sudan and that is why I chose to come here, out of the many options that I had. Besides, I found IndiCure's replies to all my questions the best and the most prompt. We have found the people here very nice and helpful, during our stay here in hospital and the guest house, before the operation and after it. I sincerely thank IndiCure, and all those who have helped me to be well, healthy and recovered.

Ms. Stella Fernandes, Daughter of Mr Hugh Fernandes
Procedure: CABG surgery

From: California, United States of America

My dad was advised CABG surgery in CA, USA, but because of being uninsured, such high costs of cardiac surgery in the US, we were really not able to afford it. IndiCure has actually helped in saving my dad's life and we are really grateful for the same. I am falling short of words, to express my gratitude to the surgeon who was very helpful and courteous. Will recommend IndiCure to everyone!

Mr. Nick Horniman
Procedure: Cervical and Lumbar Spinal decompression surgery

From: Bain Boeuf, Pereybere, Mauritius

My wife and I had a very successful trip. Very interesting short 4 day tour- well organized. The hospitalization and procedures were excellent and the nursing outstanding.
Thank you Shweta!

Ms. Rafat Begum
Procedure: Knee joint replacement surgery

From: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

My Knee joint replacement surgery in India has given me a second chance to live life independently and on my own terms. I had become completely dependent and bed ridden because of the extreme pain and found it even difficult to go to the wash room. IndiCure has really helped me in this journey and I am very thankful to them. The surgeon and nursing staff especially were very nice.

Mr. Natalie Lewis
Procedure: Bilateral knee joint replacement

From: United Kingdom

Having been home a few days now I can get my thoughts together and give my heartfelt thanks for the support and encouragement I got from IndiCure. Obviously there was a certain amount of trepidation going to what has a reputation of being a third world country for a major operation like knee replacement, having received the type of treatment which I would think only the Royal family would receive in this country I wonder which is the third world country. From the organization arranged by your good self to absolutely first class attention at the hospital and the service of doctors and his wonderful team all of whom spoke English, the nursing was one to one and my well being was their only concern. The operation has been a complete success. I am so happy with the results. The friendliness from everyone from consultant to ancillary workers was amazing.

Mr. Godgift Nlerium
Procedure: Retina surgery

From: Lagos, Nigeria

God bless for all that you have done for me. You saved my eyes by offering me the fastest and efficient services to bring me to India. I would always be thankful.

Mr. Abdullah
Procedure: TLIF, Spine surgery

From: Muscat, Oman

Thanks for giving me my life back. I am truly thankful for arranging my treatment and all that you have done for me and my family. God bless.

Ms. Maimuna Ayathan
Procedure: Abdominal surgery, health checks, tummy tuck

From: Nairobi, Kenya

It has been a great pleasure to write for you IndiCure. I and my whole family are really thankful to you for the way you guided us and arranged our procedure. Shweta answered to all my queries and guided us so well to make the whole process very easy. We were picked up at the airport by the staff who were very warm and caring. The hospital was very clean and all the staff very friendly and accommodating. It was a really successful trip and I strongly recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. God bless.

Mr. John Flynn
Procedure: Dental work

From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

I have a very long story to tell. When I met my dentist in Liverpool, he told me a number of procedures that my teeth needed and I was shocked to see the huge estimate that he made. My friends told me about getting this done in India as it would cost only a fraction to get the dental work done in India and I could have vacation for the amount that my dentist was asking for. God bless.

I immediately contacted IndiCure, whose reference was given to me by my friend. They were really prompt and thorough with their work. I chose to get the procedure done in Goa for which IndiCure arranged my stay at a beautiful resort at quite a bargain. They meticulously planned my entire trip. Right from booking my ticket from Liverpool to Mumbai and my connecting flight ticket from Mumbai to Goa, they took care of everything. Their efforts put me completely at ease & I thought I wouldn't have to worry about anything. But alas! that was not the case. Just a week before I was supposed to travel, I had a major accident! All my bookings had been done & here I was lying in the hospital bed, struggling for my life.

I had a major shoulder injury, for which I was immediately operated. My sister contacted IndiCure people & they were so reassuring. They charged minor administrative charges & postponement fee for the flights & said that my payment would remain with them as credit, & I can use the money, whenever I plan to come to India. It is difficult for me to express, how relieved I was at that moment.

They regularly contacted me to know my well being & finally when I recovered I decided to come to India. All arrangements were done for me as planned earlier. I stayed in India for almost five months & it has been one of the most memorable times of my life. I really enjoyed my stay to the hilt. My dental treatment also went very well & as expected at almost a quarter of the price at United Kingdom. I really thank IndiCure for all the help.

Ms. Marika Pereira, Daughter of Mrs. Jeanup Joule
Procedure: Mitral Valve Replacement

From: Zimbabwe

I would like to thank IndiCure for all they have done for my mother & me. Without IndiCure our stay would have been very difficult. They made our journey to India very pleasant & were always very attentive to our needs.

I would recommend IndiCure to anybody wanting to come to India for medical treatment.

Mr. Christian Nkwazema
Procedure: Brain Tumor Surgery

From: Nigeria

I am highly indebted to the whole IndiCure team & Dr Singh specifically for saving my life. The doctors in my home country Nigeria had clearly stated that if I do not get operated at the earliest, I would not live more than a month. But the promptness with which IndiCure team arranged things for me was something extraordinary. I am extremely satisfied with the whole experience & completely relieved of all my symptoms.

I would recommend IndiCure to anybody wanting to come to India for medical treatment.

Ms. Nomani
Procedure: Left Hemiplegia rehabilitation

From: Dubai

I did not know what to do, where to go for the treatment. Most of the people in Dubai told me that it is very difficult that you can lead a normal life after such severe stroke. But my son kept looking for options. US wasdefinitely very expensive. It was when we learnt about IndiCure and that the cost is fractional of what we would pay for the same rehabilitation in the US, we decided to come to India for stroke rehabilitation.

From bed ridden to walking independently is what I have achieved here. I am so thankful to everyone. God bless.

Mr. Nasir Hassan
Procedure: Bone Marrow Transplant surgery

From: Dubai

It is my pleasure to write for IndiCure, since I owe my life to you people. The kind of facilities available here in India are no less than what are available in Western countries. I was told that I should go to USA for my BMT surgery, but the cost there was so very high that I could not afford to get the surgery done there. But only IndiCure made it possible for me to be treated here. They convinced me of the facilities & Dr Bhargava's expertise & actually delivered what they promised.

I would highly recommend IndiCure & India to anybody looking for medical treatment.

Ms. Suzanne Karelitz
Procedure: Cataract & Tummy tuck surgery

From: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Great care. Very nice, supportive & understanding doctors. Excellent technology. Good nursing care. Overall a very good experience for me.

Thanks IndiCure.

Ms. Linda Guyler
Procedure: Teeth extraction, implants, crowns & smile makeover, Breast lift

From: Kent, United Kingdom

My teeth had been giving me severe trouble for so long & the charges for the dental treatment in UK are exorbitant. The amount of work that my dentist had suggested to me would have cost me a fortune in UK. That is when I decided I need to look out for my treatment & I zeroed down on India, since everybody is going gaga over it these days. And I am especially happy that I chose IndiCure, since the kind of services that they have provided is excellent. On knowing the prices, I decided I could couple my dental treatment with my breast lift surgery, which I had long been thinking of. Now that both my treatments are over, I am extremely satisfied & definitely plan to come back again for my tummy tuck as well.

Great Job!

Ms. Sara Jones
Procedure: Dental treatment

From: Oman

My visit to India for my dental treatment has been very fruitful & I would certainly like to thank IndiCure for the same. They have been highly professional & arranged everything very well. Shweta was great with her replies & my doctor extremely nice & accommodative.

Good work done.

Ms. Husna Mohammed
Procedure: Liver Transplant surgery

From: Muscat

My Liver transplant surgery in India has given me a second life. I had completely lost all my hopes but Shweta & IndiCure have been very helpful & arranged everything so well for me. Dr Soin is the best surgeon I have ever met. I really thank them all.

Mr. Rehmat Khan
Procedure: ACL Repair surgery

From: Dubai

I am extremely delighted with the services provided by IndiCure. They have arranged everything so meticulously & have been there to guide & help me at each step.

Thanks IndiCure.

Parents of Master Shayan Parvez Menon
Procedure: Joubert Syndrome

From: Germany

I had lost all hope about my poor child. It was devastating to see my child in such condition. It was taking a toll on me and my husband's health and our personal life was almost in shambles. We came to know about IndiCure & their associate rehabilitation center and thought of trying the services.

I am so happy to state that only after a few sessions my child has shown remarkable improvement. He is much better now.

Thanks a lot.

Mr. Hirjibhai Shah
Procedure: Lumbar spondylosis (L4-L5) with pain to radiating to left leg

From: Kenya

I am so thankful to IndiCure & their associate clinic for giving me my healthy life back. I had such bad back pain and pain in the left leg which had made my life miserable. My business was getting hampered; my life was so disturbed because of this pain all the time.

Thanks to IndiCure and the entire staff, they are very professional and at the same time caring in their approach. I am completely satisfied with the results.

Mr. Labh Gadhvi
Procedure: Left hemiplegia treatment

From: Tanzania

Everyone said it is foolish to go all the way to India on a stretcher thinking that I can stand and walk after stroke. Everyone recommended me to go either to US or Germany for rehabilitation after stroke, but somehow my inner voice pulled me to India.

The staff at IndiCure provided me with all information I needed to make the decision. I spoke with Dr Bakshi and that was really reassuring. The treatment and the staff were fabulous. I can now walk independently without any support. My friends and relatives were awe struck when I reached back walking.

I even wrote an article about my recovery and experience, so that the people waiting to get treatment should know there exists a ray of hope for them also.

I must say Thanks a lot to Dr Bakshi & IndiCure.

Mr. Rancho Bernardo
Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy

From: Surrey, United Kingdom

I had an overall very good experience. Every one treated me very nice. The doctors were excellent.

Thanks IndiCure for all the support.

Ms. Anonymous
Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight loss surgery

From: Canada

My experience with IndiCure has been quite amazing- from the doctors to the nurses at the hospital & all patient representatives. From the first email sent out, Shweta was always good with quick responses, and always had an answer for all my queries. I appreciate all the help & assistance I received.

Ms. Jasbinder Sandhu
Procedure: Weight loss surgery

From: London, United Kingdom

I must appreciate that IndiCure is very thorough and professional in its services. The care and services that I received were exceptional. The surgeon was amazing. He put me to ease instantly. The hospital they chose for me was great. I am really happy that I came through IndiCure.

I would recommend IndiCure to everyone looking for medical treatment in India.

Ms. Jules Young
Procedure: Breast Reduction surgery

From: United Kingdom

Thank you for your great service. It has exceeded my expectations in all ways. I would recommend you to anyone. Shweta has been incredibly prompt and thorough in all her responses to my queries both before and during my time here. The hospital staff has been wonderful- smiley and incredibly responsive. Dr Jain put me at ease instantly. Although I have not seen the final results, I am sure they will be wonderful.

Thank you.

Ms. Bhakti,
Procedure: Rhinoplasty

From: London, United Kingdom

Dear IndiCure,

The service that you offered me was great. You were really accommodating and did everything for me at such short notice.

The hospital facilities were very good and it was nice that my mother could stay with me in the same room.

Both Shweta and Ruchika were very helpful, prompt and approachable on the phone and e-mail. I would definitely recommend you to everyone looking for surgery in India.

Thank you.

Mr. Choy Raj
Procedure: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction abdomen, flanks, back and Gynecomastia

From: Boston, United States of America

I must say that the services provided by IndiCure are second to none, Very professional, prompt and friendly at the same time. I could have never been able to afford such procedures in US which I got done here in India. The results are fantastic and I am happy to say that the hospital, the surgeon and all the staff at the hospital are as good as what I would find in US. Thank you IndiCure and keep the good work up.

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