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Minimally Invasive Cervical Disc Replacement surgery in India

Minimally invasive cervical disc replacement surgery entails inserting an artificial cervical disc between two cervical vertebrae after the inter- vertebral disc has been surgically removed in the process of decompressing the spinal cord or a nerve root. The intent of the device is to preserve motion at the disc space. It is an alternative to the use of bone grafts, plates and screws in pursuit of a fusion following procedures such a disc removal, which necessarily eliminates motion at the operated disc space in the neck.

Minimally Invasive Cervical Disc Replacement surgery in India
Cervical disc replacement surgery is most typically done for patients with cervical disc herniations that have not responded to non-surgical treatment options and are significantly affecting the individuals' quality of life and ability to function. The disk replacement surgery success rate is almost 99.99%.

Artificial disc replacement surgery cost India

An artificial disc surgery may be done instead of an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.

The advantages of the artificial cervical disc over a cervical fusion include:

  • Maintaining normal neck motion
  • Reducing degeneration of adjacent segments of the cervical spine
  • Eliminating the need for a bone graft
  • Early postoperative neck motion
  • Faster return to normal activity
  • Postoperative neck braces are not required for disc replacement operations.

Why is Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery required? Background of Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

A large number of people nowadays face neck, shoulder and/ or pain in the arms mainly because of the abnormalities in the neck. These complaints can be signs of disc herniations or disc degeneration, and/or arthritis of the neck.

The cervical spine is composed of vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs. These discs wear out with time causing pain and other symptoms and are referred to as degenerative disc disease, a subgroup of which includes cervical disc herniations. This means the disc becomes compressed, frayed, and/or herniates into the adjacent spinal canal where it can press on nerves or the spinal cord.

Most patients with these types of symptoms do not need surgery and improve with conservative like anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, or cold/heat therapy. However, if a person continues to have significant neck pain and/or radicular arm pain, he or she may be a candidate for cervical spine surgery. An anterior discectomy and fusion is the most common operation for treating patients with symptoms related to a degenerative or herniated disc in the neck.

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Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery - The Procedure

The procedure for cervical disc replacement surgery consists of removing the problem disc entirely and replacing it with a piece of bone taken either from the patient's hip and a metal plate with screws and/or a cervical collar may also be used to help hold the bone in place and to allow this segment of the neck to fuse together. The purpose of an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery is twofold:

  • To remove the offending agent—either the herniated disc or the osteophytes that are compressing the nerves and/or spinal cord.
  • To eliminate motion by inducing a fusion at the disc space where the disc has been removed, aided by the use of bone grafts and possibly plates/screws, etc. and thereby creating stability and/or eliminating pain associated with the motion.
Minimally invasive cervical spine surgery

This type of surgery typically improves the pain in over 90% of people with one-level disease. However, there may be complications in using bone grafts in pursuit of a fusion. Harvest of one's own bone may be associated with both acute and potentially long-term pain from the donor site. Any type of bone graft may fail to heal, resulting in a so-called 'non-union', which may require another fusion operation.

Also, by fusing a segment of the spine, the levels of the spine above and below the fused area are now forced to absorb more load since there is no longer any intervening motion shock absorption. These adjacent levels will then wear out and become symptomatic in more than 25% of these patients within ten years, meaning possibly more surgery. This is called adjacent-segment degeneration.

The development of artificial cervical discs is intended to accomplish the same objectives as the traditional decompression and fusion surgery in terms of providing pain relief and stability, but with fewer drawbacks. For example, the cervical artificial disc does not include the potential complications involved with using bone graft (e.g. 'non-unions') and theoretically should lessen the risk of developing adjacent-segment disc degeneration or disease.

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