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Spinal cord tumor treatment in India

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Best spinal cord surgery in India

Minimally Invasive Spinal Tumor Removal Surgery in India
  • Most advanced technology and infrastructure available at the best spine surgery hospitals in India. This includes 56 Slice CT, Brain Suite, Intra-Operative Imaging Operating Theatre, 3.0 Tesla MRI, Digital X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, Bone Densitometry etc
  • Board certified and highly experienced team of Neurosurgeons, Spine surgeons and neurologists considered to be few of the best spine surgeons in the world.
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  • Minimally invasive techniques of doing spine surgery
  • English speaking doctors and hospital staff
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Spinal Tumours

Tumor is abnormal mass of rapidly growing cells without any physiological function. That means it does not perform any function for the body but derives its nutrition from the body. It can occur anywhere in the body. The cause is unknown.

Those tumors that are found in and around the spinal cord are known as spinal tumors. They may be primary tumors whose cells of origin is the spinal tissue, or they may be secondary tumors which have spread (metastasize) via blood stream from some other focus in the body.

The spinal cord is covered by a layer of protective tissue called as meninges. The entire spinal cord is encased within the vertebral column.

Spinal tumor surgery in India

The spinal tumors are of three types depending on their location:

  • Intramedullary- within the substance of the spinal cord.
  • Intradural- Extramedullary- within the layers (meninges) covering the spinal cord.
  • Extradural- between the meninges and the vertebral body. Most of the spinal tumours are extradural.

Tumors are also classified as benign and malignant. Tumors that are confined to a particular area in the body are known as benign tumors. Those tumors that spread rapidly to various parts of the body are known as malignant tumor. A tumor can initially start as a benign one and can convert to a malignant one in a few cases.

Our surgeons perform Endoscopic or Minimally Invasive spinal tumour removal surgery

Symptoms of Spinal Tumour

Tumor may cause generalized symptoms in the body (like persistent low energy levels, unexplainable weight loss, lump formation, enlargement of lymph nodes, malaise, irregularities of menstruation in females etc as well as symptoms pertaining to the affected organ in the body.

There are various ways in which spine tumour may exhibit, but the most common symptoms of spinal tumour are as follows:

  • Back pain radiating to the other parts of the body.
  • Loss of sensation and muscle weakness especially in the legs
  • Difficulty in walking, sometimes leading to falling
  • Loss of bowel or bladder function
Best spine surgery hospitals in India

Minimally Invasive Spinal Tumor Removal Surgery in India

Some spinal tumors, benign or malignant, require surgical intervention before or after non-operative treatments. When pain is unresponsive to non-operative treatment, neurologic deficit progresses, a specimen is needed, neural elements (e.g. nerves) are compressed, vertebral destruction exists, or when spinal stabilization is necessary - surgery is considered.

The primary goals in surgery are to reduce pain caused by the spinal tumor, restore or preserve neurologic function, and provide spinal stability. The spinal tumor may be approached surgically from the front (anterior) or back (posterior) of the body.

Cost spine tumour surgery in India

Surgery may include tumor resection (partial removal) or excision (complete removal). When the tumor is removed (partially or completed) pain and neurologic problems may clear up.

Spinal instrumentation and Fusion are procedures used to reconstruct and stabilize the spine. These procedures join and solidify the level (or levels) where a spinal element (e.g. vertebral body) has been damaged or removed.

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